• Customized photo books
  • Raw to CMYK conversions
  • Unique promotional mailers
  • Mailing services
  • Archival Prints

CASE STUDY - Promotional Print Materials

Client: Jeffrey Lamont Brown
Supplied: Raw Files with Epson prints
Task: Convert Camera Raw to CMYK and Color correct to match prints supplied. Manage budget and take all responsibility for print purchasing and supervision including mailing services and delivery dates.
Deliverable: A no-compromise 32 page Photo book with special effects cover and brilliant color reproduction.

Client Says: iNKY took care of the details and I focused on my art. Photography is my business, managing a print project is best left to someone with the knowledge and background to ensure the best quality at every turn. from raw captures to a finished book. iNKY handled all the details. Jeffrey Lamont Brown

David Robin

CASE STUDY - Archival Prints

Client: David Robin Photography
Supplied: RGB files with small prints for color match.
Task: Convert files color correct to match supplied art and maximize color range using archival inks and acid free paper.
Deliverable: 8 individual 30" X 30" Archival prints on water color paper for show at the Steven Amedee Gallery in NYC.

Client Says: iNKY wrestles color into submission. In my years working with Hans I have never had to worry about the end result not being exactly as I had desired. I trust Hans with all my imagery. His knowledge, experience and intuition with color assures me that all the subtle nuances in my imagery will be there in the final printed piece. David Robin

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