1. What kind of proof am I getting from iNKY?

At iNKY our standard proofing device is a CMYK Fuji Pictro Proofer.. It is unmatched in accuracy, consistency and cost effectiveness.

If you require a dot generated proof, we will provide you with a Fuji Final Proof. With this device we can accommodate special stock requirements as well. (custom pricing)

iNKY also has the ability to provide large format calibrated ink jet prints on various types of materials. (custom pricing)

2. How are iNKY Proofs Calibrated?

At iNKY proofing is our business. We have done extensive testing with various printers in Asia, Europe and North America.
Although it would be false to claim a perfect match to every printing condition, there are some fundamental differences in the print standards of the three regions mentioned above. We have narrowed down our proof profiles to those three standards.

3. Can iNKY Fingerprint a specific Printer or Press condition ?

Yes! For larger projects iNKY will develop a custom profile to ensure color results.
We can also provide custom substrate choices. (custom charges apply)

4. The color on the iNKY proof I received is not what I expected. What can I do about it?

There are many factors that may have affected your results. (see "how iNKY proofs are Calibrated")

Here are two options to address your issues:

  1. You may make an adjustment to your file on your own and upload the revised file as a new file.
    (same proofing and shipping charges apply)
  2. You may have iNKY do your corrections for you. You may give us verbal instructions, however if you have a sample of what you are trying to match, send it to us and we will match your sample, provide you with a new proof and provide a link to download your corrected file from us. (all for one low flat rate)

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