At iNKY it is our job to understand and manage the challenges - to ensure that all the technical stuff supports (not compromises) your creative vision. To us, the only pleasing color is perfect color. Because as the color professionals, we support you, the creative professionals, to ensure the extraordinary.

How did it happen? When did the word pleasing become synonymous with color? Color management used to be a profession. Now everyone is expected to just know it. Somewhere along the line, technology decided that you need not only be a brilliant creative but a technical guru, too.

Preparing images for print has become painfully fragmented. The responsibility for your color results should have remained clear, not become a question-mark. Are they responsibility of the Design firm? The Photographer? The Printer?

All of the above, but who can put all the pieces together? iNKY! Professionals in the art of color proofing, correction and management. Professionals with the skill to ensure that your print pieces look the way that you envisioned for your customers.

Don't let color become a lost art. And don't blame the software that gives the impression that if the "Color Management" control is on, everything will work "automatically". Let's face it, ink on paper is a messy business. It poses challenges with differences between inks, printers, presses, environmental conditions, and stock and materials.

iNKY. Color Achieved, every time!

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